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My work explores our relationship with space and boundaries – why we seem to need them and their subsequent impact on the world. This is an important influence on my work although the extent to which it is directly expressed varies according to the specific project or idea I may be working on. I work in a variety of media, according to the idea being explored at the time, sometimes using slightly indirect methods of making where space within the process has a part to play in determining the outcome, offering a balance between chance and control.

My most recent processes have involved intervening with dust and dirt.


The setting in which I place my work is often an integral part of it,  as I

consider the space a work occupies to be a material in itself, influencing

my response. Current ideas explore the act of removal, its subsequent

relationship between presence and absence and the importance of

space or gaps in our lives.


Katy Armes

Katy Armes - Artist